We design and sell borehole water systems and waste water treatment plants for new self-sustainable residential estates.

Part of our Borehole Water Supply System at Citizen Village Student Residence in Vanderbijlpark Gauteng.

System features

  • Smart metering & automated billing per residence
  • Remote performance monitoring¬†¬†
  • Warranty management and maintenance service


The system’s capacity is based on the consumption demands of the development and can include a waste water plant.

Our smart metering and billing system takes the pain out of the admin side of things while residents experience uninterrupted water to their homes.

Enova Energy Solutions Planning


Our systems are designed and installed for a developer. The developer purchases the system and would recover the cost through either property sales or monthly billing depending on their business model and nature of the development i.e rental or sold units.

We assist our clients with initial ROI calculations over a 20 year period that factors in: Billing income against capital outlay and costs as well as cost of future upgrades that need to be accounted for.


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